We stock excavator and loader teeth and adapters for the most common systems in the market, ripper teeth, drill and bucket tips, with a wide range of shapes and dimensions.


  • DESIGN: we have created designs that provide the maximum wear material, for increasing wear life but keeping a good penetration, gaining at the same time a higher productivity. Are designs that contribute to save fuel and avoid overloads on the kinematics components.

  • FITMENT TOOTH-ADAPTER: in all our designs we look after the connection between tooth and adapter. The fitment is perfect, in order to keep the pre-designed work angles which increase the productivity and avoid breakages. These, reduce at the maximum the unexpected maintenance costs.

  • ROW MATERIAL AND CHEMISTRY COMPOUNDS: using selected row material and adding chemistry compounds on a sufficient, calculated and balanced proportion, we obtain a great performance on the final product.

  • PROCESS OF PRODUCTION: we know that each step on the production line is essential, so we follow and care of each one on them: casting + normalizing + heat treatment + quenching + tempering.

  • HEAT TREATMENT: constitutes a fundamental aspect and probably the most important step on the manufacture process. Having the best heat treatment determinate the quality, performance, toughness, hardness of our teeth.

  • IMAGE: we strive in order to make an attractive image, creating in the mind of our customers that they are choosing a high quality product just even before to test it. But when they work with our teeth, they realize that Trasteel exceeds their expectations on productivity, penetration, performance and wear life… And with no concern regarding price.